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What is the ColonoscopyAssist Program About?

  • The ColonoscopyAssist program provides colonoscopy screenings and colon cancer support for the underinsured community.
  • The program offers 4 tests at a heavily discounted rate :
    1. Colonoscopy
    2. Upper Endoscopy
    3. Cologuard (DNA Test)
    4. FIT Tests (Stool Test)
  • Interest Free Payment Plan Options are available for patients unable to afford a test.
  • Screenings are provided completely free of charge in certain regions where funding is available.
  • Support and help is provided for patients diagnosed with colon cancer.

Patient Reviews

Your feedback is the fuel that keeps us going everyday. It is what justifies the countless long hours we put into this program to help our patients.

Here are some of the reviews from our patients. We invite you to leave us some feedback about your experience with us.

Please only leave a review if you have completed a colonoscopy scheduled through our program.

Reviews (2020)

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Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star 5/5 (2020)
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Tanya Moss (Biloxi,ms) says...
Dr Persich is amazing!! He is equally intelligent and personable!!! We trust him implicitly for both our current and future care...Tony and Tanya Moss..Biloxi,MS. PS...The ENTIRE staff is VERY friendly and nice
22nd February 2018 4:59pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Marty Allen (Salem, Or) says...
The entire procedure was excellent - from the scheduling, the instructions, the facility, the doctor and staff, the tests themselves, and of course the cost - all great. Thanks.
17th February 2018 10:39am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Lisa (Taylorsville,) says...
I found it absolutely awesome. I had no problem w/ prep at all. The nurse from Dr. Shapiro office, great. The Dr. himself, Shapiro was excellent and his nurse Kevin. They both helped me to feel comfortable w/ the meds. given, explanation of ongoing procedure and the nurse Tebow and the secretary, Janice, awesome w/ everyone. Valentine's Day to remember, it was my first. Everyone I encountered w/ was great. The program was so affordable this way, especially when you don't have insurance because of other health issues. Marketing more will be helpful for so many.
15th February 2018 4:53pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Angela (Houston, Texas) says...
Both my husband and I had colonoscopies with Colonoscopy Assist performed by Dr. Clemmons, and we were perfectly satisfied.
15th February 2018 11:55am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
James (Louisville, Ky) says...
I am happy with colonoscopy assist. The facility was great as well as the Dr.Popham and the staff. I arrived at 7:15 am and the lady who registered was very happy, cheerful and pleasant.
14th February 2018 9:51am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
John J Ciribassi (Carol Stream) says...
There is only one complaint. Why don't more people know about you?!! The level of communication and preparation as to what to expect was excellent. The facility I went to was well informed as to my arrival and my history. There is no reason to go anywhere else for a colonoscopy.
13th February 2018 9:51am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Daniel Lee (Alameda, Ca) says...
Thank you so much. Everything went smoothly. Everything was done professionally. I have no side effects and it's been 13 days since my colonoscopy. I love this service as it gives an opportunity for the uninsured to receive such care at an affordable price. I highly recommend it.
12th February 2018 8:00pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Rod Goebel (Sedona, Arizona) says...
Very pleased with the entire process..
Now have peace of mind that I had this procedure done, my insurance would not cover the process so very happy with the reduced price with Colonoscopy Assist!!
12th February 2018 4:53pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Konstandinos Zamfes (League City Texas) says...
Thank You Doctor John B. Clemmons Jr. personally and all staff of the colonoscopy assist. The all procedure was very professional and easy on me. The equipment are very sophisticated and the staff is knows his job perfect. Doctor Clemmons took time to comfort me with short personal visit and check up, at which time he introduce me to the procedure. Many thanks. I'm Canadian in Houston and have no insurance in USA, I could no afford the procedure if that was not for Colonoscopy assist.
Thank You all at Colonoscopy assist.
God Bless You.
10th February 2018 2:11pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Lori (Brentwood, Tennessee) says...
Would not hesitate to use colonoscopy assist in the future. Dr. Eskinds team was professional and kind. Everything was explained and i was made as comfortable as possible. Excellent care from the entire staff!
10th February 2018 10:00am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Roxanne D Hart (Dallas) says...
Absolutely wonderful. Great experience and saved a lot of money!!!
8th February 2018 1:43pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Mark Dunavin (Grand Prairie, Tx) says...
Professionalism combined with caring, friendly personalities. Everyone from the front desk to the doctor exceeded their responsibilities.
8th February 2018 9:39am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Javier E Uriarte (Columbia) says...
They were great! they contacting me before the procedure days before and the day before to make sure i understood all the instructions that i have given. Also it was great getting a financial help because i do not have insurance so this really helped. I am glad i found colonoscopyassit . Thank you all.
8th February 2018 8:56am

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